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Find our expert, simple, step-by-step instructions to properly care for your phalaenopsis orchid.

Caring for your orchids

Orchid Care: step-by-step


Light and temperature

What should you know when bringing an orchid into your home for the first time?

  • Keep your orchid in a spot where it will receive some direct light throughout the day, and away from direct sunlight. Be careful to keep the Orchid away from direct sunlight which can dehydrate or burn the plant.

  • Your orchid will be healthiest in a shady environment.

  • The ideal temperature for your orchid to flourish is between 65F – 75F / 18C – 23C and keep away from direct drafts!

  • Direct drafts, like those from air conditioning, will dry out your orchid and accelerate walting.


Lift the plant with the grow pot from its decorative container.

  1. Check the roots and poke around the bark media!

    • ¬†Is your bark media damp or dry?

    • What color are the roots?

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†2. Gree-gray roots are okay, brown and stiff roots mean your orchid isn’t receiving enough water.

Remember D.D.D.

  • Drench the roots until all the roots are covered in water. Leave the plant dunked in water for five minutes.

  • Drain the plant for another five minutes. Water should not be dripping from the bottom, nor should it be sitting in an enclosed container.

  • Discard residual water before returning the plant to the decorative container.

Our Orchids and flowers come to us directly from the farm. We have the freshness blooms.

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Phalaenopsis orchids can range in pot sixes and looks. Your phalaenopsis orchid is placed in a decorative pot.  Inside they grow in a clear plastic container with drainage. Once a week slide the plant with a grow pot from the decorative container and inspect the roots, never pull the orchid from the stem carefully lifted from the base of the plant.

Your orchid is ready for watering when the roots become gray and the medium is dry. Drench the roots as the base of the plant up to the top of the grow pot.

Leave the plant dunked in water for one minute. Then fully drain the plant for another 2 minutes. 

Lift the pot and tilt it to see if any more water drains out of the bottom. When the water stops dripping return the plan to the decorative container. 

Regularly feed with a water-soluble fertilizer. Follow the same care instructions for espressos and Swann’s.¬†

For espressos you might need to water the plant two times a week. 

for outdoors

Thinking about bringing your orchids outdoors this Summer?

Many of the orchid care instructions we recommend for orchids indoors also apply to outdoors. When it comes to watering outside, you’ll want to keep your orchid out of direct rain because the orchid medium absorbs water. Be mindful to keep your orchid in bright, indirect light where it will also get some shade.

If you want to transform your garden with an eye-catching orchid garden, one popular way to do so is to tie your orchids to a tree.

Summer is the best time to create your orchid garden, because the plants are better able to establish themselves on the trees. Remember, you should only take on this project in moderate climates, because winters below 60F can kill the plant.


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