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The pandemic has affected everyone and everything, in one way or another. If you were already planning your wedding when all this started, or got engaged within this time, you might find yourself wondering how to manage it.

Maybe the layout of your wedding has to change, and so does the length of your guests’ list, or the venue you’re having it in – you might be changing from an indoors to an outdoors event.

At GAROFANO, we offer our very special Wedding Advisor Service that will take all the burden and worries off your shoulders. Whether it’s finding your bridal style, getting your bridal accessories, or knowing which the best suppliers are, we can certainly guide you.

Planning a safe – still special, microwedding.

All of us know that the fewer people gather the lesser risks of spreading the virus there are. Event planners already have, to this point, worked in finding ways they can offer high safety standards, even if you’re still planning a big wedding – at least, the biggest allowed in the place you’re having it. From rearranging the table settings to meet social distancing, to rescheduling the length of each part of the wedding and the reception, event planners are considering everything that is necessary so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe while you get to celebrate such a special day. Click here.

Here are a few ideas for a safe – still special, microwedding:

  • Have small bottles of hand sanitizer at each place setting. They could be customized with your wedding theme and have a nametag for each guest.
  • Have customized coasters placed on the glassware at your guests’ arrival. It will be a nice way to keep it clean and safe.
  • Have a plated dinner. Even though this could be a more expensive choice, it will be the most sensible one since guests remain seated.
  • Choose an outdoor venue. We all know open spaces are safer than closed ones, especially when a considerable number of people are gathering.
  • Organize the dancing time: give your DJ or MC instructions for it, so they will call groups to the dancing floor (for instance, by table).
  • Of course, cleaning is absolutely important: have attendants cleaning the bathroom after each guest and opening the exit door for them.

Let your bridal style show!

Whatever changes or compromises you’re making, when it comes to your dress, bridal bouquet and headpiece, they can and should remain as you dreamt them to be. Because keeping your bridal style as you´ve always wished it to be will make you feel a lot better, and know it still is your day. Click here.

Your bridal bouquet is, together with your dress, the center of all the looks and the photos. It’s important that you´re very happy with them, and that there’s harmony between them.

At GAROFANO we can work alongside with you to create the perfect bouquet to accompany the style, details and line in your dress, and make its perfect match.

We create couture silk fabric flower bouquets that can be custom made. If you don’t have time to create something personalized, please check the ready, we’re sure you’ll find a bouquet you’ll love. Click here.

Don’t miss anything!

Every bride knows that the perfect dress and the perfect bouquet can´t miss the perfect headpiece. At GAROFANO, we offer to design your customized headpiece that will match and complete your whole bridal style. To this end, we can also incorporate in both your bouquet and headpiece any items that have a special meaning to you or your family, such as brooches or lockets. Thus, you will be sure that your day will be as meaningful as you wish it to be.

And again, if you don’t have the time for something personalized, browse our website and choose among the beautiful headpieces we have. There is one to each taste!

It’s all about the details, about the moments that fill your soul, let´s stop worrying about what we can’t control and focus on what we have now, a beautiful LOVE that conquers everything and does not deserve to be postponed.

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