Special gifts

The Holidays are around the corner. We know all of us are ending a rare year, and that these Holidays won’t be the same as they used to be.

Nonetheless, love has many languages through which we can still show our loved ones we care for them. Sending something special to them is the perfect way to let them know that you are present in this special season. There are many options available such as flowers, headbands, crowns for an insta-worthy outfit, custom made illustrations from one of our artists or a gift card your beloved one can use whenever convenient.

Many of us won’t have the chance to share these Holidays with all the people we would like to or that we usually do. Or we could have loved ones living in places far from our homes, without the chance of travelling.

How to be present with them, then?

At GAROFANO, we’re here to accompany you and to help you make this time of year easier. We offer an opportunity to get very special gifts delivered to those who are so important to you.

You can shop online (avoiding going to crowded spaces to do your Christmas shopping, or the last-minute rush), and have your peace of mind knowing that person is going to receive their gift right on time and in perfect conditions – no matter where they live, because we safely deliver globally.

Even though we specialize in weddings, we have a selection of products that are thought beyond, which could easily become that special, unique gift you were looking for.

Flowers for Christmas? … And in good shape?

Maybe it sounds strange, but once you read this and browse our catalog you’re going to see our point, and find out flowers adapt to many occasions, even Christmas! You could also choose them to send someone your best wishes for New Year’s.

At GAROFANO, we work with both natural and silk flowers, either for bridal bouquets or for decorative flower arrangements that are suitable for several occasions – from a wedding to home dĂ©cor.

You can choose a gift made with natural flowers, which we can deliver in Miami or Caracas. Or order some silk flowers to send anywhere else. One of the greatest things about our silk flowers: they will last forever! They are handmade by specialized artists. Thus, your gift will have a natural look but will never fade.  You’ll find a wide array of options in our catalogue, or you can talk to us so we customize your gift.

Flowers have their own language, which sends a message to the ones we love. Tell us what you want to say and we’ll suggest the best bouquet or arrangement, and we can also help you write the perfect card to complete it. This is very important, since picking the right words could give your gift the extra mile. Click here.

Not sure flowers are the way to go?

In this case, we encourage you to browse all the options in our site because we’re sure you’ll find that special gift you’re searching for.

There’s nothing like a festive accessory to get us in the holiday spirit, our crystal headbands are the way to go, the ideal gift for your best friend. Headbands are coming back as the complement of all kinds of outfits, and our crystal ones are very suitable for women who crave that perfect insta-worthy outfit pic! Click here.

Another option you could take is an online styling-advice session. Not only brides-to-be would enjoy and find such session useful, but also any brides’ maid, or just a lady who likes taking care of herself.

Have a newly-engaged couple in the family, who are about to start planning their wedding? Then, here is the perfect gift: our wedding advisor service. Choosing this present will make you sure of giving a very useful tool to the bride and groom, that they will surely welcome with the same love you’re giving it.

We have some very talented artists working with us, some of them would create customized, digital illustrations inspired on whatever you choose. Just get in contact with us, and let your imagination fly!

Let your loved one pick their gift.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a present and be absolutely sure it is the right one. Here’s where gift-cards come to the rescue! They are still a way to tell that person we’re thinking of them and that we want them to have something special from us but, at the same time, give them the freedom to choose. Isn’t it a great gesture of love?

Choose GAROFANO, we’re sure you’ll find that perfect gift you’re looking for.

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