The secret to build trust as a Fashion Brand / Richard Quinn’s flowers and latex at London Fashion Week

For those who don’t know, Richard Quinn is a British designer famous for winning the Queen Elizabeth II British Design Award during London Fashion Week in 2018. During the parade, in the front row, sat Queen Elizabeth II herself, a moment that broke the internet. In the same year, but during the Met Gala, Amal Clooney surprised everyone by choosing a Quinn design to go the most important event in the fashion world.

From these events Richard Quinn and his work were in the public eye. For this year’s London fashion week, SS 2020 presented a collection worthy of a comment by Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals, for spring, innovative”, with the difference that it was innovative because despite the romanticism of spring flowers, he added latex. And that is where the million-dollar question arises: How to stand out as a brand among so much competition?

It is interesting to see the designer’s turn by adding new elements, such as latex, to his designs. Quinn is an expert in prints and printing and is what he has done during all his collections, and although, that is the identity of his brand, he dares to experiment with other textures, such as the one mentioned above. That is precisely to have consistency as a brand, but adding another experience, which also accompanies a series of musical performances in each of their shows. This year was with the British Philharmonic to the sound of Bach. Creating experiences around the brand helps strengthen its communication and thus promotion and dissemination strategies can be stronger.

Kendall Jenner used a dress of this designer during the 2019 Emmy ceremony, precisely of the SS2020 season, an interesting choice, because it only uses designers of sufficient recognition in the red carpets such as Alexander Wang, Versace or Giambattista Valli. Quinn has become an outstanding and automatically differentiable brand, such as when Rosalia took him during his video clip ā€œYo x ti Tu x miā€ with Ozuna, or when Zendaya also chose him as his option for his interview with Vogue USA.

Conceptualizing ideas is a way to reinforce the consistency and coherence of a brand. Quinn evoked the fantasy of haute couture with its dramatic designs and knew how to maintain the balance between the romance of flowers and the sensuality of the necklines with this collection.

This British designer has managed to be recognized, but more importantly to be recognizable for his work. Because if there is something that is important for a brand, it is that someone can see what you do and automatically know that it is you, without saying your name.

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