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How to choose the perfect bridal hair and makeup for your quarantine wedding

The perfect makeup for your wedding is one of the things that you must take into consideration -among so many other details- from the moment you have well thought out what wedding dress are you going to wear.

The makeup artist and the bridal makeup style you choose will depend on how you want to feel on your wedding day. If you are a romantic, fun, traditional bride or if you want to wear a more daring look. I recommend you do a makeup test to verify that you really feel comfortable with the selected makeup wedding colors.

Here I share some tips to choose the perfect makeup for your wedding made by Carmina Zerpa.



As a bride to be, event if it is a quarantine wedding, you would always want to brighten your face, so use light tones. They can be pastel colors or some pink since it favors most skins.


bridesmaid (1).png

Natural makeup will always be a good option because it will highlight your unique bridal style or essence and the most delicate features of your face. Although we are in a social distancing time, remember that this is the era of the thousands of makeup tutorials and products that would leave your face as if a makeup artist would have done the work, such as porcelain, the dreamed bridal glow.

3. TAN

bridesmaid (2).png

If you are a brunette bride, this is the ideal color for you because it will highlight the beautiful tone of your skin. You can complement the look with a bronzer or bronze shades.


bridesmaid (3).png

If until now you have liked all the styles that I have presented to you, you will surely feel that it is difficult to choose the perfect makeup for your wedding. However, this will always be an intermediate option to look fabulous. Lips with some terra color will also be the focus on your face so don’t be afraid to show them off. I hope that with these recommendations you can choose the perfect makeup for your wedding and reflect all the light on your special day.

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